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Since its inception in 1984, the SSY research department has cut through the market noise and provided timely expert opinion and advice to our clients.

From humble beginnings as a one-man department set up by Dr. Phil Rogers in June 1984, SSY’s research department has followed the same successful strategy:

  • Provide best-in-class market analysis based on high-quality data.
  • Leverage our strength in commodity markets and network of close charterers.
  • Integrate the flow of information from our broker desks into our market interpretation.

A research department is only as good at its people and the wealth of experience accumulated within the team. We pride ourselves in the fact that many of our team members have spent decades with us.

Research Areas

SSY Research provides market intelligence across the Tankers, Dry Cargo, Gas, Chemicals and Offshore sectors. Our shipping market research is backed by an in-depth understanding of the underlying commodity markets and tracking of global trade flows.

All Sectors

Monthly net fleet changes:

Monthly compilation of fleet changes for all major segments, including deliveries and scrapping by month, orderbook and fleet size.

Monthly Shipping Review:

With a nearly 40-year track record, our flagship monthly publication brings together market commentary and a review of market fundamentals and fleet developments across all major segments.

Dry Cargo

Dry Bulk Forecaster:

This monthly report provides access to key statistics, trends and trade forecasts across all the major seaborne commodities along with shipping demand, fleet efficiency, fleet changes and FFA prices.


Tanker Weekly Report:

A weekly round-up of activity in the spot and time charter markets of the key tanker sectors which includes commentary and tanker rate series in chart and table form.

Tanker Fundamentals Report:

A bi-monthly report with a topical feature article and a collation of key regional fundamental news including how these could influence near-term tanker trade.

Tanker Market Briefs:

Ad-hoc reports that cover unexpected market events and their implications for the tanker market.

Tanker Deep Dives:

Long form studies with in-depth analysis of the tanker markets.

Tanker Outlook Presentations:

Monthly presentation-style outlook reports for the clean and dirty tanker markets focusing on key supply and demand drivers.


Our LNG research services help clients navigate this growing market, leveraging our market analytics and shipping expertise. We utilise an integrated team approach with shipbrokers and analysts working side-by-side to identify shipping opportunities, provide market intelligence and develop insights, with specialized teams in London, Singapore, Beijing, Stamford, Mumbai and Madrid.


A daily (Monday to Thursday) shipping report that highlights prompt available vessels and our view of headline rates for the spot market, shipping economics per basin and unit freight calculations.


A weekly report which combines LNG commodity market and shipping insights, including market commentary, our latest view on headline rates for the spot and time charter market and unit freight calculations for the most common trading routes.

Weekly LNG Newsletter:

A round-up of the major news and highlights for the previous week in the LNG market.

LNG Shipping Review:

A monthly report providing commentary on the previous month's chartering and newbuilding landscape, general LNG news, fixtures and an overview of newbuilding orders and scrapped vessels.

LNG Newbuilding Report:

A quarterly report which provides an overview of the LNG shipping fleet including shipping demand and a deep dive into slots and orders at primary shipyards.

LNG Market Outlook (ad-hoc):

A medium term outlook for the LNG market including LNG supply, shipping fleet outlook and shipping demand.


SSY Chemical Weekly:

This weekly report looks at the drivers behind chemical freight rates and covers the chemicals, palm oils, acids, biofuels and CPP trades, along with chemical production, crude and natural gas pricing.

Chemical News Update:

This weekly report provides an overview of global chemical production, outages, product price movements and arbitrage opportunities. The report covers all regions and a range of different products, including but not limited to, aromatics, base oils and glycols.

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We appreciate that our clients have different needs in terms of data, reports and other research services. Rather than enforcing a “one size fits all” subscription service at a high fixed cost, our Navigator portal allows you to subscribe to the data feeds and reports that you actually need, including free content, which can be accessed through your own tailored dashboard.

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“We always strive to stand out from the crowd and intellectually challenge ourselves and our clients. Data is no longer a differentiating factor – we add the latest commercial information and interpret markets through the lens of decades of experience.”

Dr. Roar Adland - Global Head of Research, SSY


Access a wide variety of SSY shipping data

We offer flexible and price-competitive solutions for accessing a wide variety of shipping data, ranging from bespoke data supply (including API) to accessing data and graphing capabilities through our Navigator portal. Our data services include access to fixtures, freight rate series and data on ship demand and fleet supply.


When you need tailored in-depth analysis

Clients can also chose to enter into annual retainer agreements that are tailored to their individual requirements. In addition to full access to our Navigator portal, this can include periodical market presentations by one of our experts, in-depth special reports, or tailored periodical reports.

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